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I can't remember what first got me into sustainability, but I know my mum was always somewhat conscious of it while I was growing up so I think that definitely encouraged me. As I got older I discovered more and more reasons why sustainability is important and what the benefits of it are, and that inspired me a lot! 

I love the fact that there are so many easy ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle, and I find it really exciting to discover new sustainable (and affordable) products. That's a huge reason why I wanted to be an ambassador. Sacha Beee's jewellery is gorgeous, sustainable AND affordable!




Hi, I’m AK! I’m a British-Nepali from London with a passion for sustainable fashion! I’m currently working as a human rights campaigner whilst doing a part-time master’s in Environmental Politics. So, being as ethical and sustainable in my fashion choices is super important to me. That’s why I’m really excited to be an ambassador for Sacha Beee. Not only are the products handmade and unique, it is a eco-conscious small business. Plus, I have a huge love for earrings and Sacha Beee’s earrings are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen! 

IG: @sustainablestyle_ak



Hi! I’m Nat, just finished studying English at Exeter University! I first became passionate about sustainability in 2016/ 17 when I was working with Dr Dessima Williams, who was then leading the team for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This experience really brought home to me the need for inclusive sustainable change around the world that is not for the few but for the many. Then in my first year of university, I became involved with setting up the sustainable fashion brand Sacha Beee and am still the sole photographer for the business. Fast fashion is one of the highest polluting industries and it is therefore vital that both consumers and businesses make conscious choices towards sustainability. Supporting independent eco and ethical friendly brands, such as Sacha Beee is one step towards a more sustainable future.

IG: @nat_thorpe




Hi! I’m Nia, and I believe that sustainability is something we all need to incorporate into our lives in order to protect this beautiful planet. It’s why I love Sacha Beee so much, as sustainability and being eco-friendly is the core of this brand! I hope you’ll love it too, N x

IG: @niiawatson



Heeello I’m Emma and I believe that what we are doing to our planet is nothing but a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves. The realisation that I am what I pollute also led me to understand that sustainability does not only involve tackling climate change, cutting emissions and reducing improper plastic disposal but also allowing access to a better education to improve life quality without harming the wildlife. By starting this ethical brand Sacha teaches us how rewarding it is to make eco-friendly choices. If we want to preserve our ecosystem we all have to find our Sacha Beee within ourselves. I’m so excited to start this ethical adventure and be a little drop in the (plastic-free !!!) ocean of sustainability.

IG: @emmawiget



Hello! My name is Ridi, I am originally from London, and I am South Asian. Sustainability has been ingrained from generations within the women of my family and thus why I always remember living a very sustainable lifestyle from a very young age! I came across Sacha Beee earrings one day and found them to be absolutely beautiful. I loved how she was making such amazing creations using recycled beads without contributing towards the environmental footprint! I am so excited to be a Sacha Beee ambassador and let more people know about her amazing work! 

IG: @nightimewonders




I’ve decided to be an ambassador as I’m really passionate about supporting sustainable brands. I’ve made a conscious effort to shop more sustainably by shopping less with fast-fashion retailers, and instead with second hand, vintage or with independent brands which are far more ethical. Ultimately I absolutely love how Sacha Beee incorporates sustainability through the making of the jewellery and am so excited to be part of the team!

IG: @malawalaa



Hey, I’m Maddie and I’m super-duper excited to be one of Sacha’s new Beees! I absolutely love Sacha Beee’s ethos of circularity and this was the primary reason for me deciding to become an ambassador. Both sustainability and creativity are incredibly important to me in all aspects of my life, so to have found both in the brand is a dream come true. Alongside my degree in languages, I run an ethical and sustainable fashion blog and love to make or upcycle clothes, so being an ambassador for Sacha Beee feels like a pretty good fit!

IG: @maddiepope




Hey, I’m Jess! I’ve been an avid art and fashion lover for as long as I can remember and within the past few years, I’ve become very aware of the importance of sustainability and protecting the planet! I believe that every little helps when it comes to being more sustainable and that small actions can make big changes! I’m so excited to be a brand ambassador for Sacha Beee because not only is the jewellery beautiful, I love everything the brand stands for! 💛🌞​

IG: @jessirving



Hey! My name's Lauren and my profile is all about sustainable fashion and living. I haven't bought clothes or accessories new from a shop since 2016, and this choice has meant that my accessory collection has been very limited for a long time. I'm so excited to be a brand ambassador for Sacha Beee as her products are sustainable and unique, using secondhand or donated beads, making her jewellery unlike anything you will find on a fast fashion website which is just so important to me and has meant I have fallen back in love with wearing earrings!

IG: @conscious.loz



Hi, I’m Tamsin 🌞I’m a sixth-generation Falkland Islands and due to the isolated nature of the Islands, circular fashion is the norm. I grew up swapping clothes with cousins and my nan teaching me to sew 🧵and make repairs on worn-out clothing! I met the founder Sacha when joining the Exeter Fashion Society in my final year of Uni and fell in love with her jewellery designs, creativity 🎨and sustainable ethos, leading me to apply to become an Ambassador.

IG: @tamsinmcleod

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