I am bursting with excitement to release these bubbly babies! Each one is made entirely from recycled wax. The wick is 100% organic cotton. 


Size: 6cm cube


About the process:

I collect old candles that I melt, filter for grime and dust, then pour into the cutest bubble molds. The colours and scents are mostly determined by the old candles that I have however when they are colourless or scentless I will add in wax dye and/or natural scents. I also will mix colours such as red and white to make the most adorable shades of pink.


Some of the candles have a slightly frosted effect on them as they are made from soy wax. Sometimes I don't know the exact scent so have put a description to try and match the scent! 


Do you have old candles that you don't want to put into landfill?

Soon I will be starting a wax-cycle just like bead-cycle so hold onto them. I will take absolutely anything - from the ends of tealights to candles which have just burnt down the middle (tunnelling). More information coming soon. 


Safety warning: never leave a lit candle unattended and make sure that you burn these on a coaster/mat as they do not come in jars or containers. 


Candles will last much longer if you do a full burn to start with. This means that the first time they are lit you should keep them burning until nearly the whole top has melted. You should be careful with these though as the wax could spill if they burn too far out. 

Recycled Bubble Candle