Meet the Tamsin Necklace. She is a 19" length so works as the longer chain when layering. She also can be wrapped twice around your ankle or three times around your wrist. Please make sure to measure your wrists though! 


All of the beads that we use for Sacha Beee are second-hand but what is so important to stress is that second-hand doesn't mean second best! Each bead has its own story and has traveled all over the world. The beads in these necklaces range from miniature glass to freshwater pearls and so much in between! 


There are available in a variety of colours. Please send us a message if you would like to customise a piece. 


The wire we use is a 19 strand wire made specifically for necklaces: it is really flexible allowing the necklace to hang softly around your neck. 



Gold plated wire, gold plated clasp, real pearls £50


The price of each necklace reflects the value and quality of the materials. If the pearls in the necklace are real then they are reflected in the price.

Tamsin Necklace


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