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Sacha Beee Sustainably Handmade Maddie Tassel Earrings in Blue

We are a sustainable jewellery brand that up-cycles old threads, beads and second-hand accessories into new vibrant, stylish and exquisite pieces.


Sacha Beee combines ethicality with creativity to bring to you one-of-a-kind conscious pieces without the environmental footprint.



Each pair of earrings is completely unique and handmade just for you. Choose a colour and style which exhibits your personality.


Environmentally and socially conscious jewellery to fight fast fashion. 

Who Made Your Jewellery?

Each piece is handmade to order. Sacha Beee promotes slow fashion by only making items to order meaning there is no waste. 


Up-cycling Materials

We must use what we have already in this world as there is no Planet B. We up-cycle old materials into new bespoke pieces. All threads and beads are from charity shops, second-hand craft shops and from you! You can send in your old or broken jewellery to be made into new pieces with our BeadCycle campaign. Together we can close the loop.

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