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Sacha Beee is a consciously-minded accessory and home wear brand. Our mission is to practice circularity so we source pre-loved items to create one off pieces whilst reducing waste.



Each piece of jewellery and home wear is handmade using second hand materials where possible. The materials used mean that each handmade piece has its own story is not a not a mass market itemInstead of overproducing we make pieces to order and excess jewellery stock is taken apart to be reused. Any materials that we cannot use then go back to second hand craft or charity shops to be used elsewhere. Check our each item's description to see where it is sourced.

Who Made Your Piece?

Sacha creates each individually crafted piece in London. She started Sacha Beee whilst at university and made tassel earrings from a beautiful array of coloured threads she found in her granny's sewing box.  


Bead Cycle

 You can send in your old or broken jewellery to be made into new pieces with our BeadCycle scheme. Together we can reduce waste by closing the loop.

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