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Sacha started making tassel earrings as a way to use the beautiful array of coloured threads she found in her granny's sewing box. She then set up a makeshift studio in her university flat with the help of a couple of friends keen to try something new. Today Sacha still makes jewellery but has also expanded into one-off home wear pieces.

The most important aspects of Sacha Beee are creating conscious pieces to fight fast fashion and showing that beauty and creativity can come from using what we already have. Sustainability is a word used by so many businesses for marketing only. At Sacha Beee sustainability is at the core of the business and we are always looking for new ways to be sustainable. Did you know you can send in your old jewellery and exchange it for a voucher? 

What makes Sacha Beee sustainable?


Second-hand beads and threads

Recycled and recyclable packaging

Handmade to order

Organic cotton tote bags

Recycled wax for candles

We are aiming to be a zero waste business however this is not always possible. Any plastic that we receive we recycle and we recycle metal from breaking down jewellery where we can

We are not perfect yet, but we are always looking for new ways to be sustainable. If you have any further questions about our materials we are always happy to answer them as transparency is incredibly important to us. 

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