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Do you have a necklace and you love the beads but it's just not your style anymore? Or a new outfit and no jewellery to match? We would love the honour of creating a unique, bespoke piece or set just for you.

Jewellery to match a piece of clothing or an accessory

Send us a photo (IG dm or here) of what you would like us to match and we will show a selection of beads that we have which will go with it. Together we can decide on a style.


Re-making old jewellery 

Send us a message (IG dm or here) of your jewellery/beads and what you have in mind and we will take you through the process and provide you with the address to post your jewellery to.

Fixing jewellery

We can also mend old jewellery. Just send us a message (IG dm or here) and show us a photo of what has been damaged. Please note we cannot solder metals.


Pricing is dependant on the work required however below is a rough indication of what it will cost.

Similarly to BeadCycle, if you provide the beads then we will take £5 off each piece you buy. For example, if you have an old necklace and want to use the beads to make a Cerys Bracelet and a pair of Lara Hoops then the bracelet will be reduced from £15 to £10 and the earrings will be reduced from £10 to £5.  

If you would like something to match a piece of clothing or accessory then choose the style you like from our shop and that will be the cost of your piece. There is no extra charge for custom colours of styles we already make!

We can also make entirely new styles which will be priced based on the time taken and materials used to make the piece. 

We would love to give life back to broken jewellery. The cost will depend on the time and new materials required, such as a new chain or clasp. Typically this will cost between £5 and £10. If it is a Sacha Beee piece that has broken we will fix it for free.

Gift wrapping is complimentary.



These beaded earrings were made to match the dove necklace.

We selected all of the beads to match the natural colours and beachy style of the necklace.


This stunning gold and amethyst necklace belonged to a customer's grandma. It was very sentimental and they loved the beads but knew it wasn't something they would wear.

We recreated it into a simple bracelet and made a pair of matching hoop earrings.


A customer messaged me to say that their bracelet had broken but it was really sentimental to them. They asked if I could use the beads to create new pieces for them to wear.

Together we came up with four designs that they loved!

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