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Our Favourite Up-cycles and DIY Projects

Up-cycling has become such a buzzword recently. With so many people finding themselves bored in the house and in the house bored, crafty projects are a welcome escape from endlessly scrolling through TikToks. The best projects are those that involve making something new out of something old. Up-cycling is an amazing way to repurpose something that you already own and give it a new lease of life. If you are anything like us then you are always saving inspiration from Pinterest and ideas for your next DIY.

Here are some of our recent favourites that you can easily replicate at home for little to no cost. Just click the images for the videos.

Glass Bottles to Glasses

These are a summer must as they are just so cute! We cannot wait to have a gin then try these out. The bombay blue is to die for.

DIY glasswear

Bubble Wrap to Bucket Hats

Just looking at these makes us excited for June 21st and the summer of festivals and beach trips ahead.

Bubble Hat Bucket Hat

Crayons to Paper

This is one for small businesses and artists. Making paper is actually easier than you might think. The colour and texture in this are just incredible. To take this to the next level, try adding seeds to your paper to create plantable seed paper. For the results click here.

how to make paper

Mini Tile Table

Second-hand furniture is everywhere, from charity shops to GumTree to Facebook Market place... and even sometimes just outside people's houses on the street waiting for a new home. What is so fun about this is you can really make it your own depending on what tiles you choose. Try finding the tiles second-hand too to be a true eco queen.

Recycled Wax Candles

We couldn't talk about upcycling without mentioning our 100% recycled candle collection. You will never have to throw wax into landfill again - just melt it back down and make a new candle or wax melt. We will be starting a wax collection scheme soon so either try making candles yourself at home or send your leftover wax to us in exchange for 10% off your next order.

We all love a good before and after video so why not share your recent projects with us? Just tag Sacha Beee and we will share your results.


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