Handmade beaded bracelets. All of the beads that we use for Sacha Beee are second hand but what is special about this collection is that all of the beads are the left over ones; the lost beads. This means that each bracelet is truly one of a kind and completely unique. 


The wire we use is a 19 strand wire made specifically for bracelets: it is really flexible and soft. 


The price of each bracelet reflects the value and quality of the materials. If the pearls in the necklace are real then they are reflected in the price. The half pearl style is more expensive due to the quantity of real pearls used.


Available in a variety of colours. Please send us a message if you would like to customise a piece. Choose a colour to suit you!


Please note that beads may vary slightly from photos as each piece is unique.

Cerys Bracelet


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